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CEA Supports Bush Free-Trade Comments

Arlington, Va. — In response to President Bush’s state of the union address, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) today restated its support for the Bush administration’s pending free-trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea and to reauthorize trade promotion authority.

In a statement, Gary Shapiro, CEA president/CEO, said: “The United States is a great country, and great countries tear down walls. We have prospered from bipartisan open free trade policies that have guided this nation for the past 25 years. It is our hope that the administration and Congress recommit to a pro-free trade agenda and do not give in to protectionist rhetoric.” Shapiro added, “Free trade opens new markets to American goods and creates high-paying, high-value jobs in the United States. CEA commends President Bush for using the platform of his State of the Union address to call for bipartisan support for free trade.”

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