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CEA Starts Imaging Interest Group

Arlington, Va. — Seeking to amplify the voices of digital imaging companies within the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the CEA today announced the creation of a Digital Imaging Special Interest Group (SIG).

According to a CEA statement, the new SIG is “designed to support new association initiatives and advance the digital imaging industry.”

The special interest group has 17 founding member companies encompassing camera makers, chip makers, online photofinishers, kiosk makers and a research firm. Many of the founders met recently at CEA headquarters for a kick-off meeting and planning session where they agreed that consumer and retailer education were to be key priorities.

Additional Digital Imaging SIG activities will include market research projects and conference sessions at CEA events.

Members of CEA’s Digital Imaging SIG members include Adobe, Canon USA, Casio, Kodak, Energizer, Epson, InfoTrends, Kyocera, Lexmark, Lucidiom, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax USA, Shutterfly, Sony, Texas Instruments and Vivitar.

“By creating a home for digital imaging within CEA, we are able to accomplish defined objectives set by member companies interested in this product category,” said Gary Shapiro, president/CEO, CEA.

“SIGs are separate from the existing product divisions and are specifically formed to incubate a new or underrepresented technology category within the association. The new SIG provides an elevated profile for digital imaging members and their initiatives,” Shapiro added.