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CEA Seminar Takes On Returns, Net

CEA has announced that it will be running a new two-day conference for manufacturers and retailers called Business Solutions Series 2000, designed to take on the subjects of product returns and using the Internet to increase profits.

The conference, which will run May 17-18 at the Hyatt Regency in Los Angeles, will provide information on how companies are using training, technology and customer service to reduce returns.

In addition, attendees will hear about e-commerce and supply-chain management on the Internet. Companies are using web technology to enhance their productivity, manage their inventory and increase sales. Beyond getting a look at the competition, CEA said, attendees can meet with the companies that can help them streamline their business.

Below is a list of some key subjects and speakers scheduled so far:

-Combating Returns Through Partnerships — Tim Clark, Thomson, and Ira Miller, Sharp.

-Lowering Returns through Innovative Training Techniques — Anne Marie Mueller, Creative Channel Services.

-IT Solutions — Peter Junger,

-Call Center Solution — Mike Trotter, Purdue University; Jesse Williams, Panasonic; Ron Hartle, Samsung; and Gary Drook, AFFINA.

-Innovative Internet Perspectives –Cindy Frei,, and Tom Hommrich, ReturnCentral.

And the keynote address — Jerry Storch, Target.

To register visit or call CEA at (703) 907-7600.