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CEA Sees Step-Up Potential To High-Quality Audio

Arlington, Va. –
Thirty-nine percent of consumers with at least a moderate interest in audio
said they are willing to step up to high-quality audio electronics.

However, many
consumers need a little education about what constitutes high-quality audio,
the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) said in releasing some details of a
consumer survey.

quality depends on both the audio source and listening device, and
manufacturers and retailers have the unique ability to educate consumers on
what constitutes high-quality audio,” said senior research analyst Ben
Arnold. For example, 43 percent of surveyed consumers said FM radio provides superior sound quality, and 46 percent described audio from HDTVs as high quality, he said.

 “Similar to HD and 3D video
technology, quality audio is experiential, so we encourage consumers to do
in-the-field research,” Arnold said. “Hearing the difference among superior
audio products can effectively sway consumers to consider and purchase
high-quality audio technology.”

The association will
provide additional survey details in a


for Wednesday, Aug. 10, from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. EST. During the webinar, Arnold
will discuss
the profile of audio enthusiasts, what consumers consider elements
of a quality audio listening experience, which elements of the experience are
most important, and perceptions of which audio formats and devices provide
high-quality sound, CEA said.