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CEA Seeks Proposals For 3D Glasses

Arlington, Va. – The Consumer Electronics Association (


) said Tuesday it has started a new standards
process for 3D glasses and is seeking proposal for 3D active eyewear using an infrared
synchronized interface.

The CEA said it is encouraging interested parties to join the 3D
Technologies Working Group, R4WG16.

 “The expanding presence of
3DTV in the home makes the need for interoperable 3D glasses more urgent than
ever,” stated Brian Markwalter, CEA research and standards VP. “As the hub of
technology industry innovation, CEA is the logical host for such a crucial
effort. Industry participation will help meet consumer demand and expectations
regarding 3D interoperability in the home.”

Downloads of the formal Active Eyewear Standards IR Sync Request
for Proposal (RFP), are available at the

CEA website

or by contacting Alayne
Bell at

[email protected]

, or (703) 907-5267, and
should be submitted to the CEA by 5 p.m. EST, March 31.

After proposals have been submitted, R4WG16 will select the
proposals that will become the basis for standardization. Creating a standard
for 3D active eyewear glasses can help break down consumer barriers to
purchasing 3DTVs, and increase the expansion of 3D into the home, CEA said.

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