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CEA Promo Wants Audio To Be Heard

Arlington, Va. — CEA has organized a fall promotion to drive music listeners into AV specialty stores to hear a demo of a high-quality audio system and get a free CD sampler.

The promotion is dubbed The Great Audio Experience,” and here’s how it will work:

An insert packaged in the Concord Records re-release of the jazz disc “A Charlie Brown Christmas” will encourage consumers to go to a participating audio retailer to hear an audio demonstration and get a free CD sampler, which will feature new Concord artists produced by Phil Ramone. The Charlie Brown disc will be available through a major music retailer in stores nationwide in November.

The insert card will advise consumers to go to the web site, where a store locator will list participating audio dealers. The web site will also contain educational content advising consumers on what to look for in an audio system and how to experience a great demo.

CEA will provide participating dealers with 50 free sampler discs per company, not per storefront. Additional copies will be available to dealers at $2 per disc. Promotional materials such as posters and other signage from Concord Records will also be available to dealers.