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CEA Prods China To Update ITA

Arlington, Va. – The Consumer Electronics Association has expressed concern over China’s negotiations toward an updated trade agreement with the U.S.

In response to talks in Geneva this week to conclude the expansion of the Information Technology Agreement (ITA), Sage Chandler, CEA international trade president, said China is delaying the prospects of a tariff-reducing deal this week for IT products.

“China is asking for the removal of more than 100 products from the ITA negotiation, which cannot be viewed as a meaningful effort,” the CEA’s Chandler said in a statement. “The Chinese position should be responsible, with a serious but limited list of products it wishes to exclude from lower tariffs. We want to work with China to ensure this deal is finalized as soon as possible, but in order to be a partner in the ITA negotiations, reciprocal treatment is required.”

Chandler said the ITA, which has not been updated since its creation 16 years ago, could and should be updated “to remove tariffs on an estimated additional $800 billion in information and communication technology trade globally. Updating the ITA to include modern tech products is vital to assure that the agreement’s many benefits extend to the world’s citizens.”

Chandler is part of a larger U.S. industry delegation in Geneva advocating for the conclusion of the expansion negotiations.