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CEA: Multi-Room A/V Owners Would Recommend Systems

Owners of multi-room audio/video (MRAV) systems assign high value to their home entertainment experience, according to a new study from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).

The study, Trends in Multi-room Audio Video Usage, found that the vast majority of MRAV owners — 82 percent — would recommend their system to friends. Eighty-five percent of homeowners who currently own an MRAV system were so satisfied with the experience that they would once again install a system in a new home, CEA said.

MRAV systems allow homeowners to play and control audio/video distributed from a centralized system to at least three different rooms of the home.

CEA finds that MRAV owners are music and entertainment enthusiasts who view their system as an enhancement to their lifestyle and 55 percent use their system daily, with entertainment ranking as the most common usage, followed by owners stating they use the system “when they want” with no special occasion necessary. Daily users’ main reason for purchasing a system is to enhance their home entertainment experience (63 percent), enjoy listening (61 percent) and entertaining (48 percent).

“The MRAV market has blossomed as consumers demand access to content anytime and anywhere,” stated Steve Koenig, CEA, industry analysis director. “As the desire for multi-room solutions continues to grow, manufacturers must focus on a variety of solutions, including aftermarket products, to address the vast market of existing home owners who demand multi-room audio.”

The study concludes that aftermarket MRAV solutions are capturing a large portion of the home entertainment marketplace. Sixty-three percent of systems were installed after the home was built.

Trends in Multi-room Audio Video Usage (April 2009) was fielded in December 2008. It was designed and formulated by CEA Market Research.

The study is available free to CEA members. Non-members may buy the study for $999 at