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CEA Launches Quarterly Tablet Report

Arlington, Va. – The
Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has launched a new quarterly tracking
report on the tablet market, “Consumer Outlook on Tablets,” and issued the
first report of the series for first quarter 2012. 

The “Consumer
Outlook on Tablets” reports provide trend information on consumer behavior and
sentiment, enabling the industry to track developments in the tablet market
over time. Each report pulls together three important and complementary types
of data:  1) the most recent CEA sales and forecast data for tablets; 2)
consumer survey data; and 3) social-media conversation. The consumer survey
data is culled from a monthly online survey of U.S. adults that tracks consumer
adoption, purchase intent and satisfaction regarding tablets and other
computing platforms. CEA derives further insights by analyzing the volume, sentiment
and subject of social-media conversations about tablets. 

The “Consumer
Outlook on Tablets” reports will be released on the last Monday of every
quarter. They will be free to CEA members and available for purchase to non-CEA
members at the



The report for the
first quarter of 2012 is

already available

Analyzing data collected between October and December 2011, the “Consumer
Outlook on Tablets: Q1 2012” found that roughly two in three online consumers
expect to purchase a tablet, but that there is no evidence to suggest tablets
will cannibalize other computing platforms. Online conversations about tablets
during the quarter mostly focused on news reports and product launches. A spike
in online conversation about purchase intent was seen in mid-November 2011 as
well as mid-December 2011, likely on the heels of new product launches and the
holiday purchase season.

The release dates
for upcoming reports are as follows:

Q2 2012 : Monday, April 23

Q3 2012 : Monday, July 23

Q4 2012: Monday, Oct. 29

CEA will host a
free webinar for CEA members to discuss the Consumer Outlook series in more
depth and highlight an opportunity for members to gain access to brand and
model-level social media conversation data through a proprietary data portal.
The webinar will be on Thursday, May 3, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. EDT. To register,
email the

webinar team

or call (703) 907-4354.

The complete study
is available free to CEA member companies at

Non-members may purchase the study at the

CEA store