CEA Launches GreenerGadgets.org

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Arlington, Va. - The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has launched


, an online resource that helps meet consumers' desire to be both tech-savvy and environmentally friendly.

The site addresses the lifecycle of electronics products, with tips on how to buy green, live green and recycle electronics responsibly, CEA said.

"We created


so that consumers can understand how better to use their electronics products in eco-friendly ways," said Walter Alcorn, environmental affairs and industry sustainability VP of CEA. "Many of the products on the market today are much more energy-efficient than their predecessors, and consumers need to be able to calculate their energy costs. Further, consumers need to know where to take their older products when they are ready to dispose of them.


will provide these answers and more."


features a powerful

energy-use calculator

to help consumers understand their usage, and an

electronics-recycling locator

to help consumers quickly and easily find responsible electronics recycling centers nearby. 

The energy-use calculator illustrates clearly what a consumers' usage costs them on their energy bill on a monthly and yearly basis. Research indicates the more consumers know about their energy use, the more likely they are to consume less and save money.

CEA said the electronics recycling locator tool enables consumers to punch in their ZIP codes and see nearby drop-off locations. This list only includes manufacturer and retailer programs, which use the strictest standards, and third-party certified recyclers, ensuring consumers that their products will be recycled safely and responsibly. The industry set a goal to

recycle 1 billion pounds

of electronics annually by 2016, and this site will help educate consumers in an effort to reach that goal.


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