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CEA: Industry Beat 2011 Recycling Targets

Arlington, Va. – The consumer electronics industry showed a large
increase in the amount of electronics products recycling in 2011, significantly
beating goals set by the eCycling Leadership Initiative, the

Consumer Electronics Association (CEA

) said

The first annual report of the eCycling Leadership Initiative,
which was released Monday, showed:

• Initiative participants arranged for the recycling of 460
million pounds of consumer electronics, a 53 percent increase over the 300
million pounds recycled in 2010.

• Electronics manufacturers and retailers increased the number of
recycling nationwide CE drop-off locations from 5,000 in 2010 to nearly 7,500.

• By the end of 2011, 96 percent of the recycling done by the
initiative participants was conducted in third-party certified recycling

•, launched by CEA to educate consumers about
eCycling and energy consumption.

“In the first year of the eCycling Leadership Initiative, our
industry has made significant progress toward its goals due to the hard work of
our member companies,” stated Gary Shapiro, CEA president and CEO. “We continue
to push for a national solution to eCycling that will eliminate the costly and
confusing patchwork of state regulations.”

The eCycling Leadership Initiative, which was spearheaded by the
CEA and is also known as the Billion Pound Challenge, is a collaboration between
consumer electronics manufacturers, retailers, collectors, recyclers,
non-governmental organizations and governments.

The initiative expects to achieve its goal of collecting a
billion pounds of CE products for recycling annually by 2016.