CEA: Imaging Enthusiasts Enthused By 3D


Arlington, Va. - Nearly one in four (23 percent) digital imaging enthusiasts are likely to purchase a 3D digital camera within the next year, according to a new Consumer Electronics Association (


) study.

The study, which is titled "3D Digital Imaging: Consumer Perceptions of this Emerging Technology," probes consumer awareness, perceptions, purchase intent and product uses.   

The top reasons consumers indicated they were likely to purchase a 3D digital camera included an interest in 3D technology (61 percent), an appreciation for additional photographic options (55 percent), a desire to be on the cutting-edge of technology (23 percent) and a belief that 3D will help them be more creative (22 percent), the CEA said.

"Understanding how consumers intend to use 3D cameras is an important factor in driving purchase interest," stated Chris Ely, CEA industry analysis manager. "Consumers see a clear distinction in how they plan to use a 3D camera vs. a traditional camera."

Most camera enthusiasts surveyed said they would use a 3D camera for pictures of natural scenery (62 percent), buildings or landmarks (58 percent), and historic places (53 percent).

Respondents also showed interest in 3D camcorders, with one in 10 indicating they are likely to purchase one within the next year.

Similar to 3D cameras, consumers said they would use 3D camcorders for natural scenery (51 percent) and historic places (43 percent), in addition to sporting events (45 percent).

Ownership of 3D products is still in its early stages and familiarity with these products varies greatly among enthusiasts. More than half (51 percent) said they are familiar with 3D technology, with 5 percent indicating they are very familiar and 46 percent somewhat familiar.

"The high percentage in the ‘somewhat familiar' category clearly indicates an opportunity to educate consumers about the availability and functionality of 3D digital imaging products," Ely observed.  

The study was conducted between Dec. 29, 2010, and Jan. 6, 2011. The complete report is available for purchase at


or at the CEA Store for non-members.


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