CEA Honors CE Hall Of Fame Class of 2008

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Las Vegas — Industry notables came out in force for the annual Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame dinner Tuesday evening, held during the Consumer Electronics Association’s Fall Forum meeting, here, at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Ten awards were given to individuals and teams are a mixture of technology developers, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, retailers, a lawyer and even a journalist who have contributed to the development of the

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consumer electronics industry.

The new inductees are: Jewel and David Abt, founders of Chicago’s Abt Electronics; Joe Clayton, former CEO

CEA’s Gary Shapiro, host of the evening, with the class of 2008 CE Hall of Fame honorees and families who accepted awards: (from left) Shapiro, Dean Dunlavey Jr. and his mother Dorian, Richard Sharp, Martin Cooper, Donald Linder, Daniel Sennheiser, Ken Kutaragi, Eddy Hartenstein, Warren Lieberfarb, Joe Clayton, and Bob and Jon Abt.

of RCA/Thomson and CEO of Sirius Satellite Radio; Eddy Hartenstein, founder and former chairman/CEO of DirecTV; Warren Lieberfarb, former president of Warner Home Video; Ken Kutaragi, former chairman/CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment; Dr. Fritz Sennheiser, founder of Sennheiser Electronic; Dean Dunlavey, the home recording rights attorney who argued the Betamax case; Martin Cooper and Donald Linder, the Motorola engineering team that developed the first cellular phone; Hans Fantel, founding editor of Stereo Review and columnist for The New York Times; and Richard Sharp, former president, CEO and chairman of Circuit City.


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