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CEA Honors ’08 Hall Of Famers

Las Vegas — The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) will be honoring a dozen industry leaders by naming them to the Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame tonight, here, at the Four Seasons Hotel.

The honorees are a mixture of technology developers, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, retailers, a lawyer and even a journalist.

Tonight’s honorees are: Jewel and David Abt, founders of Chicago’s Abt Electronics; Joe Clayton, former CEO of RCA/Thomson and CEO of Sirius Satellite Radio; Eddy Hartenstein, founder and former chairman/CEO of DirecTV; Warren Lieberfarb, former president of Warner Home Video; Ken Kutaragi, former chairman/CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment; Dr. Fritz Sennheiser, founder of Sennheiser Electronic; Dean Dunlavey, the home recording rights attorney who argued the Betamax case; Hans Fantel, founding editor of Stereo Review and columnist for The New York Times; and Richard Sharp, former president, CEO and chairman of Circuit City.

For more on the festivities visit Wednesday.