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CEA: Custom Audio Sales Up 11% YTD

Arlington, Va. — Factory-level sales of custom-installed audio products rose in May by 24 percent, offsetting an early-year downturn to help lift year-to-date sales by 11 percent to $158 million, Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) statistics show.

In units, factory-level sales rose in May by 20 percent, with year-to-date sales rising 6 percent to 1.7 million units.

The year got off to a slow start in January, when shipments fell almost 20 percent in units and 17 percent in dollars.

For the month and year-to-date, almost all categories showed growth, with the greatest growth contributor being architectural speakers, CEA said. In-ceiling speakers in particular posted strong growth, with year-to-date unit sales up 50 percent to 500,000 units, and dollars up 46 percent. “It looks like the market is finally accepting this as a viable option,” said a CEA spokesman.

This year’s data includes sales reported by a growing number of custom-oriented manufacturers, CEA noted.