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CEA Commends House of Rep. For Spectrum Laws

Arlington, Va. – The
Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) said that it commends the House of
Representatives Subcommittee on Communications and Technology hearing on
reforming the nation’s wireless spectrum laws.

The following
statement was issued by CEA president/CEO Gary Shapiro: “We will continue to
work with the committee on the legislative language pertaining to unlicensed
spectrum. We believe unlicensed spectrum is an indispensable means for bringing
new products and services to the marketplace, and it should be accessible to innovators
and entrepreneurs both large and small.

“We applaud the
bipartisan inclusion of voluntary incentive auction authority in the draft
legislation discussed today by the House Subcommittee on Communications and
Technology. CEA has long advocated for these auctions to be held so more
spectrum can be used for wireless broadband — a basic necessity for enabling
American technology leadership in the 21st century.”