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CEA Celebrates Earth Day With Consumer Ed. Tool

Arlington, Va. — In celebration of Earth Day this Sunday, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) announced it will significantly expand, the consumer education tool designed as a “one stop” online resource for environmentally responsible use, reuse and recycling of electronics.

The updated site, which will be accessible at midnight on Sunday, April 22, features new tools, including an interactive electronics energy consumption calculator and nearly 1,500 electronics recycling programs searchable by ZIP code, which CEA claims makes the site the most extensive electronics recycling database on the Internet.

“With the addition of our new energy calculator, now is the most comprehensive Web site for environmentally-conscious electronics consumers. The site’s easy-to-use interactive tools and useful information support energy efficiency and promote responsible end-of-life product management by guiding consumers through every phase of a product’s life — from purchasing to disposal. CEA believes that by working together, industry and consumers can make a difference and have the largest impact on conservation and recycling,” said Douglas Johnson, CEA’s technology policy and international affairs senior director.

The new also will include tips for extending a product’s lifespan with proper care, a repair versus replace decision tree and a database of corporate recycling programs and reuse options. CEA also that announced a city-by-city calendar for retail and municipal electronics recycling collection events is under development and scheduled for release later this spring.