CEA Backs FCC Broadband Plan

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Arlington, Va. - The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) said it backs the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on its work to address the spectrum crisis, competition in the marketplace for video devices, and accessibility issues as part of the National Broadband Plan released today. 

In a prepared statement Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CEA, said, "I am pleased the commission has addressed many of the crucial broadband and spectrum issues that are critical to innovation and confronting the looming broadband crisis. The National Broadband Plan, in addition to recent work in Congress, is key to our national competitiveness and the future of technology innovation. We look forward to helping critical parts of this plan come to fruition."

CEA has called for allocation of additional wireless spectrum to broadband services. Today, CEA said it applauds the commission's goal of freeing 500MHz of spectrum over the next decade. The voluntary, market-based "Mobile Future Auction" is an example of the creative thinking needed to ensure Americans can have wireless access and that we lead in innovation, CEA said.

"As the vibrant content community provides ever-greater choices to consumers, the plan highlights the importance of ensuring consumers have multiple delivery platforms available to enjoy the plethora of content options," it added.

CEA also applauded the FCC's announcement that it will accelerate its efforts to bring competition to the video device marketplace to enhance consumer choice and stimulate further broadband deployment. In the plan, the FCC expressed its intention to optimize its regulatory framework to meet Congress's goal, first set out more than 14 years ago, of competition in the market for video devices.  

CEA also said it supports the plan's goal of using innovation to enhance accessibility, and that it and member companies remain committed to working closely with the FCC and the disability community to provide all consumers with products and services that meet their needs. 


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