CEA Adopts Standards For Powered-Sub Output


Arlington, Va. — The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) hopes to make it easier for consumers to compare powered subwoofers with the adoption by its audio systems committee of standardized test procedures for measuring powered subs’ sound-pressure-level (SPL) output.

The standard, dubbed CEA-2010, specifically test procedures for determining maximum SPL output and defines a ground-plane test procedure and room-correction factor. The standard, which took two years to create, outlines reporting requirements for compliance with the standard.

“Broad implementation of this standard will provide consumers who are interested in quality subwoofers the ability to make an informed purchasing decision,” said Charlie Hughes, chairman of the working group that developed the standards. He is also president of Excelsior Audio Design & Services. “In addition, the standard will create a level playing field for manufacturers of powered subwoofers,” he said.

Brian Markwalter, CEA technology VP, “CEA-2010 ensures that manufacturers are using the same test procedures to produce maximum output, meaning that consumers have an apples-to-apples comparison point for powered subwoofers.”

The Audio Systems Committee is chaired by Ray Pace, sustaining engineer of Altec Lansing Technologies.


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