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CE Sales Reach $106.6B For Top Chains

  Fueled by consumer enthusiasm for high technology TVs and a fourth quarter rebound in revenue, the nation’s 100 largest CE retailers saw their cumulative electronics sales rise 5.9 percent in calendar year 2003 to a record-breaking $106.6 billion.

The tally comes courtesy of the TWICE Top 100 CE Retailers report, our annual comprehensive examination of sales performance, store counts and management lineups of consumer electronics’ biggest dealers, and the channel shifts and changing trends that affect the industry overall.

The nearly 6 percent sales growth came up just shy of 2002’s 6.1 percent increase, when CE retail revenue first broke the $100 billion barrier with total sales of $100.6 billion.

Despite the comparable comps, the percentage growth was something of a coup for the Top 100 companies, considering the challenging environment and halting on-again, off-again results that many retailers experienced throughout the first three quarters of last year. Here is a sneak peak at the TWICE Top 100 CE Retailers report. To purchase, for $24.95 a complete copy, please simply go to Top 100.