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CD-Quality Wireless Speakers Planned

Marlboro, N.J. — A wireless surround-speaker system developed by KEF promises wireless transmission of full-bandwidth CD-quality PCM audio with no interference.

KEF Wireless consists of a transmitter and two 50-watt receiver/amplifiers, one for each surround speaker. One version is intended for use with any speaker pair, and another is intended for use with KEF’s KHT 5000 series speakers. Either version is expected to retail for $499 when they ship late in April or May.

KEF uses advanced error protection and “pre-emptive” adaptive frequency hopping in the 2.4GHz band to “hop to the best available channel before errors occur,” the company said. The technologies “ensure an interference-free signal” and thus deliver “high-resolution audio without the degradation, distortion and latency issues that have plagued other wireless audio products,” said KEF America president Alec Chanin.

A high data rate of 1.1Mbps allows for uncompressed PCM transmission, which typically extends up to 80 feet, the company said.

The transmitter and receiver will be available in matte silver or high-gloss black.