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Catalyst AV Adds Eero Home Wi-Fi System

The Catalyst AV distributor network will be bringing the Eero home WiFi system to the CEDIA channel. Catalyst AV members serve the residential and professional AV channels in the U.S via its 23 locations.

With Eero’s new Pro authorized dealer program, integrators receive benefits including discounted pricing, training and VIP support. And by completing Eero training, integrators unlock special discounts on an Eero system for their own home.

“Relying on one router is like asking a single light bulb in your family room to light up the whole home,” said Wally Whinna of Allnet Distributing, a member of Catalyst AV’s board of directors.

Catalyst AV is very excited about the opportunity to bring Eero to customers around the U.S., the product is right for the time, beautifully designed and addresses the needs of the market.” saidHelge H. Fischer, executive director of Catalyst AV. “