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Casio Launches G’zOne Cellphone Promotion

Dallas –

NEC Casio

Mobile Communications launched a TV and online
advertising campaign to promote the
ruggedness of its Casio-brand military-spec G’zOne Commando Android smartphone
and other ruggedized G’zOne phones.

It is the company’s first TV ad campaign.

 As part of the Tougher Is Smarter campaign,
the company will also sponsor next week’s Los Angeles X games, televised on
ESPN from July 28-31.

 The company is teasing its ad campaign on a

YouTube video

that harkens back
to the Timex watch commercials of the 1960s and ’70s when news commentator and
game-show panelist John Cameron Swayze strapped Timex watches to various
objects, including




, to demonstrate the durability of Timex watches.

NEC Casio’s commercials, consumers strap the Commando to a surf board, off-road
bicycle, off-road race car, a punching bag, and other items, including an
extreme jogger, to demonstrate the phone’s capabilities.

The Commando was launched in April exclusively
on the Verizon Wireless network.

The device is said to withstand submersion in three feet of water for up to 30
minutes, offers
military-grade toughness
to withstand drops and extreme weather conditions, and comes equipped with Wi-Fi, mobile
hot-spot capability,
GPS and security for corporate email.

  It also comes with eight G’zGEAR apps that let users navigate outdoors. The apps include compass, walking counter, trip memory and thermometer.

Commando was also featured on a

Kimmel Live episode

earlier this week.