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Casio Introduces 2nd High-Speed Digicam

Casio will ship its second ultra-fast point-and-shoot camera to dealers in October.

The Exilim EX-FH20 clocks in slightly slower — 40 fps — than the company’s 60 fps EX-F1 announced in January.

The F1 stays on the market as the flagship in Casio’s new “high-speed” line.

The new FH20 can record high-speed movies at up to 1,000 fps, slightly slower than the EX-F1’s 1,200fps.

At $599, the new FH20 will be geared toward a more mainstream audience than the $999 F1, Casio said, with a new 26mm, 20x optical zoom lens, mode dial and a smaller, lighter body. It will also pack more resolution, with a 9-megapixel sensor, and sensor-shifting image stabilization.

In burst mode, the FH20 is capable of recording 7-megapixel still images at a rate of 40 fps up to 40 stills. The camera will offer seven burst modes to choose from along with digital high-speed anti-shake and a high-speed night-scene mode

In movie mode, the camera can record 224 by 56 resolution video 1,000 fps or slightly higher resolutions at 420 fps, 210 fps or 30 fps. It can record HD movies at 1280 by 720 at 30 fps.

Additional features include RAW image capture, 31MB of internal memory, YouTube movie mode, face detection, a 3-inch LCD and an electronic viewfinder.