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Case/Speaker Combo New From iMainGo

Los Angeles – Portable Sound Laboratories’ (PSL) iMainGo brand
today announced a protective case for portable devices with built-in stereo

The new iMainGo X is compatible with most MP3 players including
the iPod/iPhone and Zune, the company said. In addition the case can be used as
an external speaker for any device  with
a 3.5mm connection including the tablet PCs, e-readers, laptops and electric
guitars, according to PSL. It can be daisy-chained with more iMainGo X’s for
more sound output.

Features include high output stereo speakers, amp and tuned
porting for bass reproduction.

The iMainGo X includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, two
headphone jacks, mic input, plug-in charger, custom travel bag and two carry

“Our goal with the iMainGo brand was to create a new standard in
ultra-portable stereo products, providing iPhone, iPod and MP3 users with the
best in sound quality and design, at a very affordable price.” said president
Tim Jacobus. “With the introduction of the premium iMainGo X, we are again
raising the sound quality bar, while adding the features that many of our
customers have requested.”

The iMainGo X is available now at a suggested $69.99 retail