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Lexington, Ky. - Bob Carver, audio inventor, and home automation's Bob Farinelli have formed a vacuum tube amplifier company called Bob Carver LLC, based here, and are introducing its initial products.

Described in a statement as a company that "combines unconventional thinking with precision engineering to create innovative audio products that set new benchmarks in style and performance at affordable price points," the two founders worked together for five years at Sunfire and "came out of retirement to join forces and found this new business."

 "We are American inventors with 75 years of design experience and 51 patents between us. We are committed to building the highest quality audio products in the USA. These products will deliver years of listening enjoyment and stand among the few of the greatest amplifiers ever designed. " said Carver in a statement.

"I am thrilled to be partnering with Bob Carver on this new adventure. He continues to amaze me with his vast knowledge of physics, electronics, acoustics and -- most importantly -- how to make products that just sound amazing," said Farinelli.

The initial products are the Cherry 180  (VTA180M) and Black Beauty (VTA 305M). The Cherry 180 is conservatively rated at 180 Watts rms into 8 ohms, the Black Beauty 305 Watts rms.

The two models offer feature a high impedance input, an automatic DC restorer circuit, a "set and forget" bias adjustment, and low idle current that greatly increases output tube life. They have an ultra-wide bandwidth output transformers with interleaved windings capable of the most nuanced voice as well as huge peak output capacity, the company said.

The VTA180M lists for $3,700, the VTA305M for $6,450, and both will ship in October.

Complete information on Bob Carver LLC, its products and technology is available at

, or call (859) 258-9794.


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