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Carl Zeiss Brings Cinemizer To U.S.

Oberkochen, Germany – Precision lens manufacturer Carl Zeiss said Tuesday that its Cinemizer OLED-based 3D capable video headset is now available in the U.S. through its North American sales agent Total 3D Solutions.

Developed several years ago, the Cinemizer has been used for a range of diverse applications including 3D gaming, dentistry, immersive learning, architectural visialisation, and remote FPV (First Person View), where it is linked to a camera on a quadrocopter, the company saide.

Carl Zeiss said Total 3D Solutions will rely on partnerships with specialized dealers within the U.S.A. and Canada.

 Equal to its German counterpart, OneButton, on the European market, Total 3D Solutions dealer partners will combine the sale of the Cinemizer OLED with “added values” gearing towards specific target groups. “As the centerpiece of several innovative applications,” according to a Carl Zeiss statement.

Total 3D Solutions has years of experience in the fields of 3D video production and animation, app development as well as immersive training solutions for the U.S. Military and several large U.S. corporations.

For Dave Hodgson, founder of Total 3D Solutions, the ZEISS multimedia glasses will play a key role in those areas: “The Cinemizer OLED offers entirely new possibilities regarding the utilization of mobile 3D-displays. Together with our growing network of dealers, we will be able to develop many innovative applications and solutions based on the multimedia glasses.”

In addition to immersive training solutions, the Cinemizer OLED can be used to control model aircraft via FPV, as an innovative presentation tool for architects or as a flexible viewfinder for photographers and filmmakers.

An optional headtracker will be released in January 2013 to allow intuitive control of virtual applications using simple head movements, the company said.

The Cinemizer OLED will be available in the U.S.A. and Canada at a $749 suggested retail.

The Cinemizer glasses feature an integrated rechargeable battery, and can be connected to several devices using HDMI, RCA video cable or an optional iPod/iPhone adapter. Two OLED displays provide a clear image and loss-free stereoscopic 3D, the company said.

Carl Zeiss said the Cinemizer OLED offers dealers “a clear advantage over other multimedia glasses. We are glad to have gained an experienced sales partner like Total 3D Solutions that is extremely familiar with the product and will support a growing number of specialized dealers in North America”, said Franz Troppenhagen, Carl Zeiss Cinemizer OLED product manager.