Capitol Debuts Satellite Payout Program

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Eagan, Minn. - Capitol has begun a satellite payout program that provides professional marketing materials they can distribute to customers offering Dish Network or DirecTV.

Custom integrators and retailers can print and distribute the info to customers, or email with a selection of templates, offering satellite TV services.

These marketing materials include an 800 number and a PIN number specific to that Capitol customer, so that any sales resulting from their brochures or emails are credited directly back to them. The commission of $75 per sale can be credited to their Capitol account or reimbursed via check on a monthly basis.

The sales, installation and service of these satellite television programs will be handled by a third party, Satellite Country, which is an authorized reseller for both the Dish Network and DirecTV. Satellite Country will also help the end user identify which satellite service would work best for them.

"We're always looking for ways to help our customers improve their bottom lines," explained Jeff Kussard, Capitol's strategic development director. "Capitol's Satellite Payout Program gives our customers an additional revenue source in exchange for handing their customers a brochure for a service in which they may likely be interested."


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