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Capitol Adds MusicLites Speaker/LED Line

Eagan, Minn. – Capitol, a CE distributor for residential
systems and light commercial contractors, has added MusicLites, which combines
a wireless, high-fidelity speaker with LED lighting.

MusicLites is the result of a partnership between lighting
supplier Osram Sylvania and Artison, a high-end audio maker, according to

“MusicLites is a brilliant combination of light and sound in
a truly attractive package,” commented Jeff Kussard, Capitol’s strategic development
director, in a prepared statement. “Not only is it an all-around smart and practical
product, but it is a perfect example of how ‘No New Long Wires’ technologies
are giving integrators a powerful new tool for building incremental income with
easy-to-implement models.”

MusicLites allows consumers and businesses to create a
high-end audio and lighting experience without wires almost anywhere they have
light sockets.  The light socket powers both the speaker and the light.
The speakers and audio source communicate through a proprietary wireless
transmitter and receiver system.

Each MusicLites unit features an efficient 10-watt LED light
that puts out the equivalent of a 65-watt reflector bulb. It also has a 70mm
full-range high-fidelity loudspeaker and a wireless audio receiver.  A
2.4GHz wireless transmitter can be connected to just about any audio source,
including stereos, televisions, computers, iPods, iPads and smartphones, to
transmit a signal to the MusicLites speakers, the distributor said.

MusicLites fit into

4-, 5- or 6-inch

lighting cans. Each MusicLites kit contains two 3.8-inch by 5.3-inch modules
and a remote that can dim the lights and raise or lower the audio. As many as
five zones with up to 12 MusicLites in each zone can be tied together in a
single network, creating a scalable lighting and audio system that can work for
every application from a small apartment to large restaurant or hotel ballroom.
MusicLites also are water resistant, making them an ideal solution for outdoor
settings such as covered porches and decks, Capitol said.

For more information about MusicLites, visit