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Canton Expands Chrono In-Room Speaker Series

CEDIA Expo 2009 Atlanta – Canton
will add five more speakers to its mid-line Chrono series of in-room speakers
during the CEDIA Expo.

The five Chrono SL models include the series’ first
narrow-footprint tower, whose design is similar to that of models in the
company’s higher priced Karat series. All five are also available in the
high-gloss white- and black-lacquer finishes previously available only in the
higher-priced Vento and Karat series.

Chrono SL features two floorstanding towers, two bookshelf/pedestal-mount
speakers and a center channel, all shipping in September.

The top-end SL 590 DC at a suggested $3,500/pair is a three-way
bass-reflex tower. The narrow-profile 580 DC at $3,000/pair is also a three-way
bass-reflex model, but it uses two 6-inch aluminum woofers. An identical driver
for the midrange is mounted above the tweeter.

The bookshelf models are the SL 530 and SL 520 at $1,500/pair and
$1,250/pair, respectively. The center channel SL 555 is $1,000 each.