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Canon Unveils Four Powershots

LAS VEGAS – Canon is using International CES to introduce four Powershot point-&-shoot cameras highlighted by the new “N” compact model with advance WiFi connectivity.

In fact, two of the new models will employ WiFi to keep pace with imaging advances seen in the smartphone and a tablet arena.

The Powershot N and Elph 130IS are both Wi-Fi enabled and will easily link with smartphones and tablets to remote control the camera, and send and share images with friends and family without the need to connect to a PC.

Canon said all of its WiFi cameras in 2013 will improve the way in which photos and videos are shared, by allowing the posting of unique comments on photos shared with specific friends or groups of friends, and by adding comments on videos posted to YouTube.

Also, new WiFi cameras connected to a WiFi access point will have the ability to automatically share images to the Canon Image Gateway cloud service and, if the computer at home running the Image Gateway software is turned on, those images can be automatically downloaded to the PC.

Select models this year also add a new Hybrid Auto mode, an Eco Mode and a Creative Shot mode.

The new Creative Shot Mode takes a normal shot and four other unique shots from that image different sophisticated looks – auto cropping, color, brightness and focus.

The Powershot N ($300 suggested retail), will be available in April and will include a special Mobile Connect button. Once turned on, the device becomes a mobile access point and via a Canon Window App for both iOS and Android devices, the smartphone or tablet will see the Powershot access point to connect to the camera.

This simplifies connectivity in that you now have a tab in the mobile device menu to automate all future connections between devices.

The Powershot N is a ultra-compact pocket-sized camera featuring a new styling design that changes the way the camera is held. It is even small enough to be worn around the neck as an accessory.

It features two rings on top of the lens for the shutter and zooming, and includes a 2.5-inch capacitive tilt LCD that simplifies taking overhead and low angle shots by tilting the screen down or up, respectively.

Other features include a 12MP resolution, DIGIC V processing, 8x optical zoom starting at 28mm, ISO sensitivity to 5,400, Full HD 1080 video, and the new Creative Shot mode. The camera also features multi-touch operation with smart shutter, new Eco Mode and USB charging.

The Powershot Elph 130IS will ship in February at $200, and includes an 8x optical zoom starting at 28mm,  16MP sensor, DIGIC IV processing, built-in WiFi, easy uploading, three-inch LCD screen, and Eco Mode.

The A2600 will ship in February at $150 and will replace the A2400IS. Features include 16MP resolution, DIGIC IV processing, 5x optical zoom starting at 28mm, 3-inch LCD, HD video recording, and Eco Mode.

The A1400 will ship in February at $120 and will replace the A1300. Features include a 16MP sensor, 5x optical zoom starting at 28mm, 2.7 inch LCD, HD video recording, Eco Mode, and an optical viewfinder.