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CamPhones Haven’t Cannibalized DSC Market

Weymouth, Mass. — A recent report from InfoTrends argues that camera phones have had little impact on traditional still camera ownership and usage, despite early fears of cannibalization.

According to InfoTrends, an overwhelming majority of survey respondents who own both a digital still camera and a camera phone reported that their DSC usage (pictures taken, saved and printed) has stayed the same or increased since they acquired a camera phone.

More than 60 percent of consumers who own a camera phone but not a digital camera said that camera phone ownership had no impact on their future still-camera-buying decisions. InfoTrends noted that while its survey respondents indicated they would use their camera phones more if they took better photos, “the vast majority affirmed that even then they would not use their digital camera any less often.”

Additionally, 16 percent of respondents suggested that they would not use their digital still camera any less even if their camera phone took images that were equal in quality.