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Campbell Named Tech Advisor For GOP Convention

Tampa, Fla. – Tom Campbell, internationally recognized
technology strategist and owner of Tom Campbell Enterprises, involved in
retail, technology and renewable energy, has been named senior technology
advisor and officer of the 2012 Republican National Convention.

Campbell has held similar roles at every Republican National
Convention since the 1990s and will begin meeting with CE manufacturers to
gauge their interest in participating with their technology and expertise at
the 2012 event, he said.

“The 2012 event will attract the largest audience for a presidential
nominating convention in years, given the interest in this election,” Campbell
said. “CE will play a major role [at the convention] like never before in
conveying and carrying its messages.”

Campbell said that over the years, cutting-edge technology
from Panasonic, LG Electronics and Mitsubishi, among others, has made debuts
during previous Republican National Conventions, and he expects similar
introductions in a variety of categories from several well-known CE brands.

The Republican National Convention, will be held here the
week of Aug. 27, 2012.