Cambridge Table Radio Adds iPod Dock, DVD Playback


North Andover, Mass. — Cambridge SoundWorks launched its first tabletop radio with embedded iPod dock and DVD player.

The $499-suggested single-chassis SoundWorks i765, the company said, is its first all-in-one entertainment system. It connects to a TV via composite or S-video cables to display iPod videos as well as DVD movies. It also features MP3/WMA-CD playback, AM/FM tuner and dual alarms, but no HD Radio.

Cambridge Sound Works considers the $499-suggested SoundWorks i765 as its first all-in-one entertainment system.

Two other table radios, the Radio CD 745i and Radio 735, also offer iPod docking but through external docks.

The company contends the i765 is versatile enough to serve as the main entertainment system in a home, yet small enough to use in a bedroom or kitchen. It’s available in Apple Retail Stores and through, Cambridge’s toll-free number, select retailers and the company’s Boston-area showroom.

The 2.1 system features separate left-right drivers and a built-in powered subwoofer. A large LCD displays iPod song metadata, and an included wireless remote controls both iPod navigation and all SoundWorks i765 system functions. The SoundWorks i765 also features dual alarms to enable wake-up to either iPod, CD or a favorite radio station.


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