Califone Debuts Washable Headphones, Headsets

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San Fernado, Calif. -- Califone International will launch its new Titanium Series of washable headphones and headsets next month.

Two models of headphones and two headsets in the series, aimed at institutions such as museums and call centers where headphones are shared by multiple users, will feature detachable cords that allow for washing the headphones without damage to electronic components.

"No other headphone or headsets on the market can be washed, making the new Titanium Series unlike any other headphone or headset products previously offered," said Tim Ridgway, Califon's marketing VP. "The fact that this series offers washable options is incredibly appealing to call centers, religious organizations and businesses looking to improve users' audio-visual experiences without sacrificing product quality or affordability."

The Titanium Series also allows users to limit the playback volume to 85dB via Sentinel technology, and offers a variety of cord options, allowing the choice of six different configurations. It features rugged ABS plastic construction which is stronger and less likely to break into dangerous shards, unlike the less durable plastics used in consumer items, the compnay said.

"The built-in Sentinel technology restricts volume playback to 85dB in adherence to guidelines recommended by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association," added Ridgway. "The first series of its kind to provide this functionality while also being washable, the Titanium Series allows institutions to offer users with an overall high-quality, safe listening experience never before possible."


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