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CableLabs: More Speed, More Services On The Way

New York — Cablelabs reported its DOCSIS 3.0 specification will be set by early 2006, the same time the organization expects a preliminary version of its PacketCable 2.0 specification to become available for review.

CableLabs said at a media briefing today that cable companies are looking forward to putting each spec into service as they will greatly increase the amount of services that can be delivered to the home. DOCSIS 3.0 (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification) will vastly increase the bandwidth available to download and upload data, bringing minimum respective speeds to 160MB and 120MB. This is accomplished through channel bonding for both up and downstream transmissions.

“3.0 allows high speed data, digital voice, on demand video and the additional bandwidth will free up space for more HD programming,” said John Treece, Comcast’s senior director, access networks.

CableLabs’ CTO Ralph Brown said that these speeds are only a starting point.

The upcoming PacketCable specification will allow cable companies to deliver advanced IP-based phone service such as video telephony and new multimedia services, said Ed Miller, CableLabs VP, advanced network systems.