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Cable Net Service Offers Faxing

Cable TV-based Internet service provider @Home Network said it is working with .comfax to offer special faxing services to @Home subscribers over the broadband cable platform.

Using the new service, @Home customers will be able to fax any document or image on their PC to the fax machine or PC of their friends and family members. Fax delivery is confirmed by an e-mail message issued by the .comfax service to the sender.

The @Home service will be accessible from fiber-optic enabled cable systems using standardized broadband cable modems manufactured and sold by CE companies such as Thomson, Toshiba and Zenith.

The .comfax users are issued dedicated fax telephone numbers. Incoming faxes are forwarded to the subscriber’s e-mail, or if preferred, the fax can be retrieved off the .comfax web site.

@Home said the services will “substantially reduce charges” by eliminating the need for additional hardware and special wiring, or other services such as fax servers, dedicated phone lines or fax service bureaus.

Subscribers will be charged 10 cents per minute for fax transmissions anywhere in the U.S., the company said, and fees are “nominally more to other countries.” Rates are also available for fax broadcasting services.

@Home said it has deals to offer broadband cable Internet service through 18 major cable companies.