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Bytech Shows Case Logic-Brand Headsets

Case Logic, which recently signed a licensing agreement for its cellular accessory line exclusively with cellular company Bytech, launched its first-generation Bluetooth headset for cellphones at International CES. Chargers and case solutions were also introduced this year.

The standard CL-010 is designed for a stylish, sleek look. No ear hook is required as a soft material (various sizes included) settles in the ear with maximum comfort and secure holding. Additional colored faceplates are included in each pack.

The CL-006 enables users to put the headset device on their belt for storage. The compact storage holster provides constant charging juice to the headset as it is held throughout the day. The portable power bank ensures users constant battery life as well as a place for users to keep their device without the need to purchase additional carrying devices. This model also incorporates colored faceplates, as well as necklace straps in each pack.

The CL-011 includes a similar power bank device to both store and charge the headset, and it also vibrates with each incoming call. This is designed to allow users to carry their headset on their belt, and recognize an incoming call within 30 feet without the need of a cellphone attached to the body. It is ideal for automobile use, according to the company. The CL-011 also features a short extended mic that hugs around the cheekbone.