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Trump v. Obama: What Does Watson Think?

Jeremy Waite, a strategic marketing evangelist for IBM, used IBM Watson to compare President Trump’s inauguration speech with that of President Obama’s in 2009. Watson used the following APIs to analyze the speeches: speech-to-text, sentiment analysis, tone analyzer and personality insights. Among the findings (which Waite caveats with the note that this was done for fun and does not represent official comment from IBM):

• Trump scored 82 percent in “trust” vs. Obama’s 75 percent.
• Obama scored higher in “intellect,” but Trump edged him out in “modesty.”
• While the two presidents tied on “sympathy,” Obama’s speech ranked higher for “emotionality.”

Waite did cast some skepticism on the conclusiveness of his experiment, but said he plans to increase the sample size by analyzing additional Trump speeches in the future.

Samsung Cites Culprit In Note7 Fires

Samsung said four separate and exhaustive investigations into the cause of fires in its ill-fated Galaxy Note7 point to the phablet’s outsourced battery, rather than the handset itself.

Still, the manufacturer took responsibility for the specifications it provided its battery suppliers, and for its failure to “identify and verify the issues arising out of battery design and manufacturing process prior to the launch.”

DJ Koh, president of Samsung Electronics’ mobile communications business, said the months-long investigations by Samsung and independent investigators UL, Exponent and TUV Rheinland examined the phone’s hardware, software and related processes, including assembly, quality assurance testing and logistics. Samsung’s investigation alone involved tests of more than 200,000 phones and over 30,000 batteries by some 700 in-house technicians.

The findings — which cited issues with the batteries’ negative electrodes — along with the overheating incidents themselves, have led to “a renewed commitment to safety,” Samsung said. This includes a multi-layer safety measures protocol at the product planning stage; an eight-point battery safety check; and other corrective actions.


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