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Burkhardt Buys Soundcast Systems

Chula Vista, Calif. — Jeremy Burkhardt, former SpeakerCraft CEO, announced he has purchased Soundcast Systems.

Jeff Francisco, Burkhardt’s longtime business partner, will be chief technology officer of the company, which manufactures wireless audio systems. The current management, sales and operations teams will remain at the Chula Vista, Calif., headquarters, according to a statement put out by Burkhardt. A spokeswoman told TWICE that Sondcast will “hire more people moving forward with the added resources, capital to grow the company.”   

Mike Weaver will remain president of Soundcast, and Oscar Ciornei will continue as head of business development.

Burkhardt added in the statement: “I saw so much opportunity in Soundcast with its amazing products and people that I couldn’t help but join forces just eight month after my retiring.

“Soundcast is an innovative, engineering driven company and one of the first to deliver high-performance working wireless technology and portable outdoor speakers.  The unique opportunity lays in the fact that it’s a company with proven cutting-edge wireless, DSP and amplifier technologies with multiple patents under its belt. They’ve lacked the capital resources to grow the business with more products, marketing and field training initiatives that are necessary for its dealers,” he said.  

Burkhardt retired from SpeakerCraft in May 2012.