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Bryston Ventures Into Home Speakers

Las Vegas – High-end home audio supplier Bryston expanded from component electronics to speakers at CES with the launch of three Bryston-designed three-way speakers.

More speakers are in the works.

The three models unveiled by the Peterborough, Ontario, company include the flagship floorstanding Model T Signature at $7,495/pair with outboard three-way passive crossover. Bryston plans to offer the ability to upgrade the crossover to an active version to triamplify the speaker.

A second floorstanding speaker is the Model T at $6,495/pair. And the bookshelf model is the $2,550/pair Model T Mini. The floorstanding speakers were available during CES. The Mini was due a week later.

In about a month, the company plans to ship a subwoofer and two center-channel speakers. In-wall and on-wall speakers will ship in three months. Those products weren’t displayed.

“Our ongoing challenge has always been to find a loudspeaker that has both accurate reproduction and the ability to play the dynamics [that] our amplifiers are capable of reproducing without distortion or compression,” the company said of its decision to design its own speakers.

The speakers were manufactured by Canada’s Axiom Audio, which makes and markets speakers and amplifiers directly to consumers.

Also at CES, Bryston launched a new component-size DAC and component-size music player.

The $2,995 BDP-2 player, like the $2,195 BDP-1 that it joins, plays music from USB thumb drives and USB hard drives, but the new model adds more inputs and offers three times the processing power to upload metadata more quickly from larger music libraries. Song selection can be accomplished from a front-panel display or tablets and PCs.

The new player is designed for use with a current and new matching DAC. The new DAC is the $2,395 BDA-2, which features 32-bit performance, asynchronous USB port for best reproduction of a PC’s USB audio output, and a total of six inputs. The continuing BDA-1 DAC at $1,995 features 24-bit DACs, a USB port that isn’t asynchronous, and four inputs, a spokesman said.