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Brown, Heiblim Form CE Consulting Group

New York — Industry veterans Lew Brown and Robert Heiblim have partnered and opened BlueSalve, a professional consultancy and interim management firm created to help businesses address the volatility and rapidly changing dynamics of the current and future marketplaces.

BlueSalve is about results,” stated principal Lew Brown. “Our practice is focused on end-to-end solutions, and we believe that excellence in execution is the key. Strategy is important, but execution with measurable results is the bottom line.”

In the view of the BlueSalve founders, most businesses have historically resisted bringing in consultants for one of three reasons: a belief that the company’s current team can already do what needs to get done, the “risk” of spending money without getting results, and the perception that consultants are full of ideas but then leave and nothing changes. BlueSalve’s said its focus on solutions and results, along with its exemplary pedigree and track record, distinguishes the firm from ordinary consultancies.

“In today’s tough market, management leadership is realizing that they don’t have all of the answers or internal resources to wend their way through all of the challenges they are facing,” said Heiblim. “With most companies facing layoffs or at minimum hiring freezes, the idea of being able to bring in senior level experts to extend their reach for a short term project or for an objective fresh perspective is very appealing. The expandable and contractible workforce is the way of the present.”

BlueSalve has expertise and successes in strategic planning, general management, technology assessment, sales and marketing management, and business development.