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Brooklyn Audio Caters To East Coast Stores

Brooklyn, N.Y. – A new car audio brand launched July 7
called Brooklyn Audio, offering near-rock
bottom pricing for East Coast retailers.

Supplied by Manndia Distributors, which has sold a line of DJ
speakers called Exit Pro for 30 years, the new Brooklyn Audio brand includes
low- to mid-end amplifiers, speakers and overhead video screens at near market-bottom
prices as the company capitalizes on its East Coast location.

“We saw an opportunity. A lot of the [low-end] car audio
manufacturer are located on the West Coast,” said Manddia Distributors owner
Victor Elmann.  After a product travels
from China to California it then must
incur shipping charges to the East, which can cause a 30 percent mark-up in
price, said Elmann.

“We’re saving that extra 30 percent. Instead of going to California, we’re importing directly to New

Elmann said his company is also able to fill a gap in service
cause by the recession.  As banks have
tightened credit, some of the importers are left with limited quantities of
products creating shortages, Elmann said. 

Brooklyn Audio claimed 70 retail outlets thus far.  It carries overhead flip-down monitors with
10-inch or 12-inch monitors at suggested retails of $100 and $139,
respectively.   The monitors include TFT
swivel-screens, support optional IR headphones and video games, and include an
overhead dome light.

Subwoofers are available in 10- and 12-inch sizes at $49.99 and
$59.99 suggested retails.  Amplifiers
include four two-channel models with up to 1,400 watts peak power and four four-channel
models with up to 1,600 watts peak.  All
products have a one-year warranty for parts and labor.

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