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Brightstar Launches Retail Services Div.

Las Vegas – Brightstar, the wireless industry distributor and supply-chain
solutions firm, has launched at CTIA Wireless 2010, here, a new
customer-centric retail services division to support wireless companies
throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Brightstar’s new division focuses on four areas to help generate
demand for wireless devices:  e-services, retail marketing services, device
management and customization, and business intelligence.  Each service
area consists of a dedicated team of specialists and IT architects in product
management and development who work with business partners to develop solutions
that help wireless companies, be responsive, agile and targeted in the
marketplace, Brightstar said.

“As part of our ongoing work over the past several years with key
players in the wireless industry, including operators, retailers, manufacturers
and other partners, we developed service offerings that ultimately provided us
with invaluable insight into the business triggers that can boost wireless
product sales and enhance overall consumer shopping experiences,” said Patrick
Stokes, president/COO of Brightstar U.S.

Brightstar highlighted the services it will provide to help wireless
companies increase their speed to market and serve their customers better:

* E-services: Focused on speed and market-driven execution to
enable customers’ multichannel strategies through the development of innovative
Web-based and product driven technology services such as e-commerce,
point-of-sale software and virtual inventory solutions. 

* Retail marketing services: Increases sell-through velocity of
the wireless category at the point of sale with customized retail solutions,
such as in-store services, category management, marketing and promotions, as
well as merchandising consulting and packaging services. 

* Device management and logistics: Delivers points of
differentiation through product customization and operational efficiency
through services such as device customization, fulfillment, forward and reverse
logistics, and a specialized focus on green supply-chain services.

* Business intelligence: Captures market data and trends,
point-of-sale intelligence and product performance information that help
business partners make smarter and faster decisions with consulting services
and market know-how captured from serving more than 55,000 points of sale in
the U.S.