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BrightPoint Highlights Services At CTIA Show

New Orleans – BrightPoint will showcase its services at the

International CTIA Wireless 2012

show, starting
tomorrow through  May 10.

First introduced earlier this year, the five key service
areas encompass the strategic suite of end-to-end supply chain and
customization solutions that help customers access new channels and markets,
achieve quicker responsiveness and greater flexibility, and lower cost
structure to ensure stronger profitability.

“The lifecycle of wireless devices has been shrinking
steadily, while product features, applications, and overall complexity continue
to expand rapidly due to the popularity of smartphones and tablets,” said Larry
Paulson, BrightPoint’s executive VP and chief marketing officer.  “As a result, our customers look to partner
with BrightPoint at every critical business stage — from product planning and
forecasting, channel access, customization and distribution to device recovery.”

BrightPoint offers more than 110 device lifecycle services
globally aligned with five key service areas: 


Forecast and manage supply chain lifecycles to
reduce cost and complexity, while enabling more accurate forecasting, faster
product development and time to market.


Create increased demand and gain access to
global sales channels with credit and collection services offering economies of
scale and financial risk reduction.


Configure, prepare and enable devices to
meet each individual customer’s customization requirements through certified
engineering services able to provide just-in-time updates and flash
customization of mobile devices. 


Deliver devices when and where they need to be
through efficient and reliable global logistics and transportation services,
favorable worldwide shipping rates and supply-chain optimization.


maximum value and generate new revenue from returned and recaptured
devices through an innovative approach of repair, refurbish and recycle,
designed to fully support each customer’s environmental and sustainability

To schedule time to meet with BrightPoint at the

International CTIA
Wireless 2012

show in New Orleans, please reach out to Bill Casey (

[email protected]

) or
Michael Manross (

[email protected]