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Bravo HD+ Readies For Launch

Burbank, Calif. — NBC Cable Networks said it will air a mix of select NBC television series, along with arts, cultural, entertainment and sports programming on its Bravo HD+ channel, which is scheduled to launch July 31.

The network, which also owns the Bravo, MSNBC and CNBC cable channels among others, said the new service will air “exclusive sports coverage” including Olympics programming and the 2003 Triple Crown racing in the HD 1,080i broadcast format.

Other content will include “newly-acquired content” complementing a core lineup of HD versions of programs that were originally broadcast on Bravo or on NBC Network stations.

Specifically, programming will include the first HD telecasts of “The West Wing,” Cirque du Soleil’s “Varekai,” as well as arts and entertainment content such as “Music in High Places,” which features recording artists performing at ancient sites around the world. The series will feature Ryan Adams, the Goo Goo Dolls, The Calling and India Arie. Bravo HD+ will also deliver exclusive classical concert performances in HD.

David Zaslav, NBC Cable Networks president said, “Bravo HD’s premier line-up offers our affiliates high-quality diversified programming to attract new subscribers to their digital tiers.”

An NBC Cable Networks spokesperson could not disclose the names of cable or satellite operators that have signed on to carry the new Bravo HD+ service. She added that providers would be free to decide whether they want to add the channel to their premium HDTV channel tiers or carry it as a value-added incentive at no extra charge to subscribers.

At press time the company was still working on its program-planning grids and had not yet determined which program it would use for the channel’s debut on July 31.