BrandSource Launches Finance Firm


Anaheim, Calif. - BrandSource, the international CE, appliances and home-furnishings buying organization, has launched a wholly owned wholesale finance firm.

The new business, BrandSource Financial, is designed to support member dealers and provide them with additional opportunities for profitability and growth, the buying group said.

 "We're delighted to announce the launch of BrandSource Financial," BrandSource CEO Bob Lawrence said in a statement. "BrandSource Financial offers all the capabilities of any competitive wholesale finance company. However, BrandSource Financial is the only wholesale finance company operated for the benefit of its members -- nobody else in the industry has this.

"In this time of tight margins, our members will have additional opportunity for profitability," he added. "Since we own it, we all share in the proceeds."

Lawrence said BrandSource Financial will launch with Electrolux immediately, and additional members will be added every week until the company reaches full rollout.

 Lawrence credited several individuals for their hard work in supporting the creation of BrandSource Financial, including Bill Baptiste and Mike Cox at BrandSource headquarters, here, and Kevin Leier and Jacques LeCavalier of BrandSource Canada/MEGA.

Lawrence also recognized Electrolux for its participation in the program and its support of BrandSource dealers and the independent channel.


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