BrandDirect Now Nationwide East


Clarksville, Ga. - BrandDirect, one of the Nationwide Marketing Group's largest divisions, has changed its name to Nationwide East.

The updated identity better aligns the division with its buying group parent, executives said.

Nationwide East is comprised of 12 chapters from the former Key America buying group, which dissolved in 1999. Former Key America president Murray Provine leads the division, which includes 700 dealers located throughout 20 eastern and southeastern states.

"We've been a division of Nationwide Marketing Group since the late '90s," Provine said. "As the Nationwide brand has become dominant throughout North America, it's become more important to make sure our vendors, members and prospects understand our close relationship."

Provine, who serves as group director of Nationwide East, added that the change is in name only, and that all staff, members and vendor partners remain the same.

Added Nationwide CEO Robert Weisner, "We really like the idea.  Each division controls its own branding, so we're honored that Murray, Dave [co-director Robison] and his team have chosen to identify more closely with the Nationwide Marketing Group identity."

The new name will formally be announced this month at Nationwide's PrimeTime! member conference and buying show, running Aug. 19-22 at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center just outside Washington D.C.

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