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Boxee Box Gets SlingPlayer App

Fountain Valley, Calif. –


and Boxee said Tuesday that SlingPlayer support has been added to the

Boxee Box

for connected devices.

“The addition of SlingPlayer greatly expands the content and
capabilities of the Boxee Box by D-Link and brings today’s connected home to
yet another level,” said Daniel Kelley, D-Link North America marketing
associate VP. “Missing your favorite show or game is a thing of the past. With
SlingPlayer, people can easily enjoy and access their TV content with the
ultimate convenience, from changing the channel to controlling the DVR.”     

When connected to a Slingbox Solo or Pro-HD, the new SlingPlayer
app enables watching TV, changing channels, controlling DVRs and experiencing
home entertainment on TVs connected to a Boxee Box anywhere.

Users can control their digital cable box, satellite receiver,
DVR, DVD player and video on demand.

Appearing in the Boxee app menu, SlingPlayer is accessible via
the Boxee Box remote control and features Sling Media’s new program guide
designed to help users browse content and change channels with greater ease.

The Boxee Box (available now at a $179 suggested retail) supports
a full web browser, FullHD streaming from the Internet, all popular media file
formats, and integrated social networking delivering personal recommendations.

It includes an SD card slot, two USB ports, optical digital audio,
HDMI output, 802.11n wireless and an Ethernet port for connectivity

It uses a double-sided remote with built-in QWERTY keyboard and browsing

“Adding Sling is a big win for our users.  They want to be able to take their
entertainment with them wherever they go,” said Andrew Kippen, marketing VP,
Boxee. “With the new SlingPlayer app, Boxee Box users can now extend their
favorite TV and DVR content into other rooms, a friend’s place or around the