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Boxee To Add RoxioNow Service

Novato, Calif. –


said Monday it has made an alliance with set-top bridge device


to provide consumers new
options for accessing premium content on a range of next-generation, connected

Through the deal, Boxee is to license the RoxioNow entertainment
platform to power premium entertainment storefronts through its web-to-TV
desktop application, as well as upcoming set-top boxes, TVs and mobile devices
running Boxee, the companies said.

Content providers still must review and approve the arrangements.

“RoxioNow offers a comprehensive solution that will enable users
to access premium entertainment services instantly through Boxee,” stated Avner
Ronen, Boxee CEO. “With RoxioNow-powered digital entertainment services, we
continue our efforts to expand the variety of premium content we can stream
instantly to anyone with a broadband connection.”

“Boxee is leading the charge to bring the creativity and
flexibility of the web to the TV, and is another example of how our RoxioNow
technologies and infrastructure can enable a wide array of companies to quickly
develop and launch premium content services,” said Dave Habiger, CEO Sonic
Solutions. “We continue to help a diverse range of companies launch compelling
entertainment services and form ongoing relationships with their customers.”

The RoxioNow platform serves a broad range of premium content
manufacturers of home and mobile electronics devices, including PCs, connected
TVs, set-top DVRs, Blu-ray Disc players, smartphones and mobile media devices.

The platform enables retailers and consumer electronics companies
to participate in streaming video on demand content services.

Powered by RoxioNow stores enable consumers to instantly rent and
purchase movies and TV programs to watch on their devices. Through a RoxioNow
online entertainment locker, users have the ability to play back content
ordered on additional consumer electronics products.

RoxioNow currently provides streaming video services for partners
including Best Buy, Blockbuster and Lionsgate.